Alexandrite Jewelry: Color-Changing Magic, Benefits, Care & Uses

“Alexandrite” is a form of stanza. It is a gemstone of the chrysoberyl family, well-known for its color change under different forms of light, from red under glowing light to green under shaded sunlight. Alexandrite jewelry is a very rare stone. The Ural Mountains of Russia were the initial discovery site, and later, southern Brazil revealed the gem. Brazilian sources have been depleted, and the Russian sources were exhausted in the early 20th century. However, new deposits have recently emerged in various locations.

Alexandrite stone

Alexandrite is the better stone in terms of hardness and durability. Garnets are 6.5–7 on the Mors scale, and Alexandrite is 8.5. The rarity of Alexandrite adds to its popularity. Garnets, in their own right, are a beautiful gem and one of everyone’s favorites. They are wonderful to look at. Garnets are of the mineral chrysoberyl, and garnets are silicate minerals from the Bronze Age. They are both beautiful in their own way, so it’s a case of personal choice.

Qualities of alexandrite stone:

Luster: Vitreous.

Hardness: 8.5

Fracture: Weak conchoidal to uneven.

Cleavage: Distinct to poor, 1 direction.

Heat Sensitivity: Yes.

Transparency: Opaque to transparent.

Birthstone of: June

Pleochroism: Deep red/orange-yellow/green. Occurrence Occurs in pegmatites, gneiss, mica schist, and dolomitic marbles. also found as stream pebbles and detrital grains.

Alexandrite stone benefit

Alexandrite stone is famous for its color change. The color of this stone is green in daylight. In the sculptor’s light, its skin color is impressively red. Wearing Alexandrite exudes positive energy. Wearing the Alexandrite stone shows a change in our luck and fortune. This stone brings good fortune to your life. Alexandrite jewelry has a positive effect on life. This stone is considered to have a harmonizing effect on emotions. It brings balance and calmness to our bodies.

Alexandrite jewelry is June birthstones. This is a meaningful gift for people born in June. People who are born in June wear this stone to bring a lot of positivity to their natural life. This rare and valuable gem offers more than just its captivating appearance. Believers attribute intuition enhancement, emotional balance, and good luck to Alexandrite. Its association with renewal and transformation makes it a coveted gemstone among those seeking positive energy and personal growth.

Alexandrite stone
Alexandrite stone

Alexandrite Jewelry

For a gem to qualify as alexandrite, it must be a chrysoberyl displaying a color change, typically shifting from green (often bluish-green) in daylight to red (often purplish-red) in incandescent light. This rarity is seldom observed in sizes approaching 2 carats. If it doesn’t change then it isn’t alexandrite. Synthetic alexandrite is available and has the correct color change. However, many often see synthetic sapphires with a color change ranging from blue to purple. This material is (or at least was) often sold in Middle Eastern countries as alexandrite at ridiculously low prices. A gemologist using appropriate equipment and a microscope can identify the gem as natural alexandrite, synthetic alexandrite, or something that just looks like it.


Alexandrite Crafted necklace seamlessly conveys a luxurious feel with all outfits. It brings sophistication to us as well as our clothes. Brings a sense of effortless elegance. These necklaces show their versatility with all outfits. The craftsmanship combined with its smoothness creates a dazzlingly beautiful necklace that catches everyone’s eye. Girls of all skin tones love this look.

Wear this jewelry to make you feel like one of the crowds wherever you go. The color changing of this stone makes the necklaces made of it more attractive. The stones, thanks to their color-changing nature, effortlessly complement any attire. Caution is advised when donning necklaces with this stone to prevent scratches or stains. Exploring the blend of this stone with opal in jewelry adds an intriguing dimension worth examining.

Alexandrite jewelry necklace
Alexandrite jewelry necklace


Sparkling Alexandrite stone earrings capture all your attention wherever you move. Alexandrite represents a color-changing variation of the material chrysoberyl. Alexandrite appears blue-green under daylight or fluorescent light. The mineral Alexandrite is reddish in bright light or moonlight. Alexandrite earrings can give a touch of glamor to your outfit.

Everyone, really absolutely loves these stone earrings. The stone is stunning and precisely what anyone looking for. It’s a new stone for everyone, and everyone adores the color. people obsessed with the color of these earrings.  However, it just uses the backing from another pair, like silver, blue kyanite, blue quartz, green emeralds, and aquamarine jewelry. If you buy this earring, you must say that you have got these stunning new earrings.

Alexandrite jewelry earrings
Alexandrite jewelry earrings


Alexandrite is a dramatic color-change stone (red to green) and the third hardest of all gems, after diamond and the corundum stones (ruby and sapphire). It makes an excellent ring stone. But it is not a good ring stone for routine wear, just on special occasions where your hands aren’t going to be exposed to trauma. But the rings made of these stones are very attractive to everyone due to their different colors at different times.

Be it an engagement ring or an occasion wear ring, these days express their beauty equally in these places. Wearing rings made of this stone increases the beauty of our fingers. Many people gift these rings to their loved ones as a symbol of love. Because the beauty of these rings is infinite. Many people use rings made of this stone for various physical benefits such as mental relaxation. Rings made of this stone look more beautiful with turquoise jewelry.

Alexandrite jewelry ring
Alexandrite jewelry ring


This pendant should be worn to bring out the natural beauty of everyday gemstones. Wearing pendants made of this stone gives a beautiful effect to our appearance which helps us to express ourselves. The captivating allure of this stone mesmerizes everyone who lays eyes on it. Among all the jewelry made of this stone, pendants are one of the most preferred ones.

We can wear this stone pendant all day long. Because the pendants made of these stones are very beautiful, smooth, light, and wearable. This stone pendant is very applicable for office-going or other tours all day long. This gorgeous galaxy glow is going to make you feel special and improve your life. Perfect for every type of dress and circumstance.

Alexandrite pendants
Alexandrite pendants


The mineral Alexandrite is believed to promote attraction. It additionally has the power to bring happiness and enjoyment to the individual who wears it. A material that offers strength whilst continually reminding people of its sunlight. Due to the color change of these stones, if we wear these stones we feel a shiny layer on our hands.

Wearing this bracelet will feel like a touch of color surrounds your hand. As beautiful as these bracelets look, they are very comfortable to wear. We can wear casual formal with any outfit by matching this type of bracelet outfit. We feel very comfortable wearing these bracelets on any occasion. Many people believe that wearing this bracelet removes our mental disorder.

Alexandrite bracelets
Alexandrite bracelets


Beautiful anklets can be made with alexandrite stone. If you’ve been seeking a replacement anklet, you should consider purchasing these alexandrite stone anklets. The silver hue is outstanding and the compact shape is exactly what they had been looking for. Sits comfortably on your ankle, does not dig into the flesh, flips effortlessly, and does not become tangled or bunched up. Sits comfortably beneath a sock if necessary.Bare ankles provide the optimal experience for showcasing the beauty of this stone. Alexandrite is a very mesmerizing stone.

Paired with sandals or heels, the beauty of this stone becomes even more captivating. These anklets are perfect for bringing deep charm and subtle elegance to our heels. The bands made of this stone create an understated stylishness on our ends.

Alexandrite anklets
Alexandrite anklets

How to care for Alexandrite’s jewelry

Alexandrite’s jewelry stones can be gently cleaned with mild soap and a used toothbrush. Cleanse gently without too much scrubbing and rinse with warm water. It should never be dried with a hair dryer or excessive heat. Because using this method there is a possibility of damaging the stone. So clean by rubbing gently with a light soft cloth.

Harsh or over-the-counter chemicals should never clean it. Keep cleaner bleach away from strong acids and perfumes with extra chemicals because it can reduce the natural brightness of the stone. Cleaning with harmful chemicals makes it dull and unwearable. So, choose a gentle cleaning method to clean the jewelry so that the jewelry lasts longer and the color stays beautiful for a lifetime. A sudden temperature change can affect the color of your jewelry.

Store this Alexandrite jewelry separately from other jewelry or stones. So that they are free from the rubbing of other jewelry stones. Best keep Alexander’s jewelry individually wrapped in tissue paper. Wrapping in tissue paper makes these ornaments less dirty.

Avoid wearing such stones before engaging in household work, sports, or any heavy labor. Although Alexander’s jewelry is more permanent or durable, it can lose its tarnish over time due to its smoothness. So, after some time, it should be polished.


Laboratories can produce a gemstone akin to alexandrite known as synthetic or simulated alexandrite. However, these are not composed of chrysoberyl. People make these because alexandrite is expensive, and synthetic alexandrite costs less.

According to wikipedia, one story attributes the naming of Alexandrite to Alexander II of Russia, who was not yet Tsar at the time. This gemstone has surfaced in various locations, including Russia, Brazil, India, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka. Alexandrite is one of the birthstones for June.

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