What does a turtle eat? Expert diet for pet, sea, wild & baby Turtle

what does a turtle eat

The following article will go deeper into the subject matter and answer the inquiry, “What does a turtle eat?” Turtles developed roughly 230 million years ago, around the time of the dinosaur era, and are among the most remarkable organisms on the Planet. However, like most of their cousins, the food they consume can be highly diverse … Read more

How long does a Turtle live? Pet turtles, secrets facts & caring tips

How long does a turtle live

Land turtles may survive for 100 years or more. According to the question” How long does a turtle live”, The biggest ones survived for the most time, and we encountered an arid-climate turtle that was 100 years old. This turtle even appeared in the neighborhood magazine! Ecuadorian turtles can live for almost 100 years, and African … Read more